Use Twitter Correctly and Efficiently to Increase Your Website Traffic

One of the best things you can do for your business is to be active on social media outlets. My favorite social media outlet being the micro-blogging service Twitter.

Building up your brand and increasing your traffic from Twitter isn’t as easy as just having an account and Tweeting. There are specific rules to follow to help guarantee your success.

We are going to look at some of the ways to craft Twitter posts with the intention of growing an audience and increasing traffic to your blog or website.

Make Use of the Available 140 Character Tweet Limit

Twitter gives you 140 characters per Tweet meaning you can have up to 140 characters of keywords. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this?

If you’ve just made a blog post, why not jam in as many keywords as you can? Wrong, don’t do this. Yes, you want to take advantage of the Twitter character limit, but just jamming in a bunch of keywords will make you look like a spammer.

Try to make use of the full 140 character limit or close to it, but make sure the Tweet looks like it is coming from a real person.

Use Hash Characters with Care

Words that start with a hash character (pound character) in Twitter are known as Hashtags and they represent keywords within your Tweet. The use of Hashtags helps define trending stories on Twitter. This means the more people using a Hashtag, the more popular the content.

There are some guidelines when it comes to using Hashtags in your posts though. A good rule of thumb is to never use more than three Hashtags in a single Tweet and only if it makes sense. Remember, you want your Tweets to be organic and not like a machine is writing them.

Take the following Tweet for example:

The Telerik @NativeScript framework is great for developing mobile applications using common web technologies. #JavaScript #Android #iOS

The above example is not too bad, but notice how it ends with three Hashtags? Why would you add a bunch of keywords to your post when you can improve upon it like so:

The Telerik @NativeScript framework is great for developing #Android and #iOS mobile apps using common web technologies like #JavaScript.

Not too different from the first version, but now it doesn’t look like we’re spamming keywords in our messages.

Start Tweets with Appropriate Characters and Words

It is a bad idea to start Twitter posts with any random word, hash, or name. For example, take the following Tweet about Ionic Framework:

@IonicFramework is a great framework for developing mobile Android and iOS applications with #JavaScript and #HTML.

Not a bad Tweet in the above example. It is 115 characters and makes use of Hashtags to point out various keywords. The problem here is that it starts with the name tag @IonicFramework.

So why is this a problem?

When you start a Tweet with a name tag, the only people who are going to see it is the people you directed it at, being Ionic Framework, and anyone who follows both you and Ionic Framework. This is fine if you just wanted to send someone a message, but if you’re trying to get the word out, you won’t get much range.

Instead, why not modify the Tweet to look something like this?:

Did you know @IonicFramework is a great framework for developing mobile Android and iOS applications with #JavaScript and #HTML?

Now your Tweet can be seen by all of your followers and much of Twitter.

You can cheat the system if you want to use your original Tweet. If you use a character such as a period in front of your Tweet, you are no longer starting with a name tag. I personally do not like this method because it makes the Tweets seem more automated and spam-like rather than a legitimate post. Again this is a personal preference.

Remember, you’re trying to boost traffic to your website or blog, so wouldn’t it be a good idea to include the link? I like to include links to my blog articles at the end of my Tweet. Does it make sense to include my website link in every Tweet? No it does not.

Figure out what Tweets need a call to action and include links only if necessary.

Ask People To Share Your Twitter Messages

Your Twitter following is potentially free advertising.

Let’s say you have 1,000 Twitter followers and you send out a message. Now let’s say in a rare scenario that all 1,000 of your followers saw your Tweet. That is 1,000 impressions. Now let’s say 5 of those followers shared your message to their followers. You see where I’m going with this right? The reach of your Tweet is now far beyond your follower count.

So how do you ask people to share your Tweets?

Interested in developer tutorials focusing on web, mobile and game development? Sign up via Please RT

In the above sample I included Please RT to the end of the message. This is me asking everyone to re-tweet the message.

Now you’ll have a potentially larger amount of traffic to your website or blog.


Twitter is an incredible social media outlet for boosting traffic to your website or blog. However, it isn’t as easy as just having an account and creating Tweets. The things you share must be carefully optimized through various techniques such as, but not limited to, the inclusion of Hashtags, asking people to share your content, and knowing what to start your Tweets with.

Over time, following these steps will get you a lot more traffic.

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