Earn Money from YouTube Videos Through AdSense and Product Placement

An online brand isn’t limited to a website or blog. Many people maintain their brand entirely through videos or social media. I previously wrote about boosting AdSense revenue, but it was limited to written content. How do earn money through video outlets like YouTube?

We’re going to take a look at earning money on YouTube through things like product placement or Google AdSense.

First let me start off with a true story.

Around six months after I started my written blog, The Polyglot Developer, I started a YouTube channel. I did this so I could compliment my written tutorials with video versions. It is a lot of work to create twenty minute video tutorials and I wanted to be compensated for my time creating them. I decided to include both commercial and banner advertisements in these videos. It has been roughly three years since doing this and now I’m earning around sixty dollars per month in revenue. Note that I have roughly four thousand subscribers and no more than eighteen thousand views for each one of my many videos.

Imagine if I was one of the many YouTube celebrities with more than one hundred thousand subscribers. I’d be earning a lot of money.

Using Google AdSense in Your YouTube Videos

I mentioned I was using Google AdSense in my YouTube videos. What I didn’t mention is that I did this using the same AdSense account that I was using for my programming blog.

So how do you get started with AdSense for YouTube?

YouTube Monetization Page

Start by heading over to the Monetization page of the YouTube Creator Studio. Check out the How will I be paid? section and proceed to linking your existing AdSense account to YouTube.

Further information in the linking process can be seen in the official AdSense for YouTube documentation.

Once linked, new videos and existing videos will have a tab for monetization in the settings area where you can select if the video should have ads, and if yes, what kind of ads.

YouTube Video Monetization

Different advertisement types will yield different revenue. I prefer to have both commercials and banners, but you should play around with the settings. YouTube AdSense payouts are made monthly and are tracked independently from the rest of your AdSense earnings.

Getting Paid Through Product Placement in Your YouTube Videos

Another way to profit through YouTube videos is through product placement. This is not managed through YouTube, but through external sources. I personally have not dabbled in this form of revenue generation on YouTube due to my niche tutorial videos, but I’m very familiar with the process.

How to get started with product placement can go two ways.

If you have a popular channel you may be contacted by a business looking to sponsor you through product placement. If you specialize in physical fitness videos you may be requested to include certain exercise equipment in your videos with visible branding. Maybe you do cooking videos and you get contacted regarding using certain knife brands or similar.

Maybe you haven’t been contacted, but you feel you have a quality following. You can always seek out relevant businesses and work out a product placement sponsorship deal.

Whatever the scenario, think about what makes the most sense to you in regards to product placement terms.


Just like with a website or blog, you can use Google AdSense in your YouTube videos. You can also negotiate product placement terms with brands to further boost your revenue through YouTube.

As of right now I am earning roughly sixty dollars per month in revenue through AdSense on my YouTube videos. I have not done any product placement due to my very niche subject material, but it is a profitable solution for many people.

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