Welcome to Own the Web, a resource for building a web presence, expanding your online business and brand, and owning the internet in regards to how your content is discovered and ranked among other things.

My name is Nic Raboy, and I’m a Software Engineer. So how does a resource for marketing, brand building, and online monetization fit in the same space as a Software Engineer? Well, I am also an advocate for technology and run a separate learning outlet called The Polyglot Developer. It is a brand that I’ve been nursing for a while now and feel like the experience of building it up is something worth sharing.

Released a website or blog that doesn’t receive much traffic? Ever wondered how to make passive income through your online presence? Do you know all the tricks when it comes to social media?

Own the Web will answer all these questions plus extra and put you on the right path.

I’ve published blog posts, hosted podcast episodes, developed technical videos, and taught courses, all of which further built up my brand and online presence. I’m going to share my journey and everything I’ve done towards my online brand.

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